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Siwon of Super Junior appeared on this week’s episode of the MBC Entertainment news program, “Section TV,” for an interview, greetings fans with news about his group.

Siwon commented that Super Junior was currently preparing for their album, although their title track has not been selected it. As for Siwon himself, he is also busy traveling overseas to film his movie.

Siwon showed a lot of love for his fellow Super Junior members, equating the group to “family.” He added, “I know it is cheesy, but it is true.”

Specifically regarding member Eunhyuk, Siwon called him by the “affectionate” nickname “Stupid Anchovy.” “He is the type of person to give me a razor as a gift.” Siwon explained the story behind the razor which started from Siwon’s growing mustache (which is now gone), “Many people have a misconception of me, but I really like to be comfortable. I was too lazy to shave so I didn’t. It started with Eunhyuk uploading a picture of a razor on his Twitter and writing, ‘Come to the dorm.’”

Source: MBC & www.soompi.com

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I’m LMAO looking at siwon’s expression. He asked fan for this photo. And he gave it to Eunhyuk. Hyuk kept this in pocket. LOL 
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